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Manager's Report - November 2017

Giving Thanks for Acts of Service in Our Co-op, Country and Community

     I appreciate the value of being able to walk into my favorite locally-owned shop knowing that the profit, product and labor makes a positive impact on our communities.
     The spirit of main street is embodied in these local businesses, just like it is at Butler Electric Cooperative. Electric co-ops are as local and community centered as they come. Founded as a way to bring electricity to rural communities, electric co-ops have been a cornerstone of economic development in rural America for decades.
     The feeling I get when I frequent local businesses in our communities is the same feeling I get when I walk into work at our co-op every day. It is a feeling of pride. I am proud to be a part of an organization that serves the communities in which we live, instead of a group of shareholders who may never set foot in their service territory. You see, Butler is a not-for-profit business and because we are owned by you, we have a vested interest in you and our communities.

Butler Employees Who Have Served Our Co-op and Our Country

     I am also proud of those we employ. As a country, we will observe Veterans Day on Nov. 11, in appreciation of those who served in the United States Military Services. I would like to recognize long-time Butler employees MATT FRAZIER and RICHARD REED for their prior military service. 

     Frazier is a Master Electrician who also manages purchasing and the Butler Electric fleet. Frazier spent two years in the Army as a power generation mechanic in West Germany. His fondest memories include visiting the Berlin Wall and meeting Colin Powell, who at the time held the rank of commander. His time in the service heavily influenced his career path that eventually led him to Butler Electric.



     Butler Electric’s mechanic, Reed, served four years in the United States Navy. He was stationed at Pinecastle Bombing Range near Orlando, Florida. In Florida, Reed was an air traffic controller as Pinecastle served as a training station for fighter pilots going to Vietnam. He was also stationed on the USS Saratoga CV-60 working crash crew on the flight deck. Reed’s fondest memories were attending the World Wine Festival in Athens, Greece, as he completed three voyages through the Mediterranean.

To all of our members who have served in the United States Armed Forces, we are forever grateful for your service and truly appreciate all you have sacrificed.


Saferite Retires After 38 Years 

In closing, I would like to congratulate Lineman JEFF SAFERITE on his recent retirement. Saferite provided quality service to Butler Electric members for more than 38 years. He spent the last several years as a serviceman in the east part of our service territory. Congratulations Jeff! 




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